28 mars 2007


When studying hard it is important to take a break every once in a while. For exchange students this usually means to go partying even though we do not really study that hard. When going to Insomnia last week I ran into my second cousin, Erik (in the picture to the left), who studies at NUS for this semester.

For the weekend we heard a rumour about someone throwing a house party. Since we are all tired of going to the same places over and over again we decided to see if this was true... and yes, there was a house party going on. And we were not the only ones who had heard about it. The house was filled up with hundreds of people (mostly foreigners, but also some Singaporeans). It was going on fine for a few hours, before the police decided to show up and ... the party was over.

18 mars 2007

Mosaic Music Festival

There is not much going on at the campus these days. Fortunately Singapore is a big city with plenty of events going on. Therefore I and Mark, an PhD student from England, decided to go down to the Esplanade to see the grand finale of the Mosaic Music Festival. The festival had been going on for the past ten days with performances of famous artists from all over the world. We could enjoy over four hours of various free music performances during the night before heading back for another week at the campus.

11 mars 2007

X-Physique 2007

Me and some other exchange students from NTU decided to join what is called "the most exciting urban adventure race" or X-Physique 2007. An urban adventure race that included running, swimming, cycling, kayaking and abseiling taking place in the city of Singapore for about half a day. There were two teams of exchange students that participated, my team - Team Adrenaline, consisting of me, Perrine, Jörg and Timo, and the other team - Team O. Unfortunately non of us succeeded in winning the race, but what was more important was that Team Adrenaline ended up before Team O and we all had lots of fun.

Erik's Visa Run

Once I got back to Singapore my old friend, Erik who now works in Thailand during the winter, decided to go to Singapore for a visa run. Since I was getting back from Borneo the very same day he could stay with me for some days.

We took a typical one day city tour (pictures here) and had time to try out some really nice food, like Swedish meat balls at IKEA.

06 mars 2007

The Jungles of Borneo and Semporna again

After a jungle trip for three days, watching crocodiles, mosquitoes, birds etc. At this place, Uncle Tan's, I met two other swedes out travelling the world.
After the safari I decided to go climb Mt Kinabalou, but ended up with Eric and Patric on a bus in the wrong direction. Therefore I decided to go back to Semporna for some more diving at Sipadan.
I'm expecting to get back to Singapore for the weekend.

02 mars 2007

Life Update

Well, I haven't updated for a while now... but don't worry, I'll let you know what's going on.

After spending the Chinese New Year in Singapore I got off to Gunung Stong, Malaysia for some caving and of course climbing the mountain and exploring the waterfall together with the NTU ODAC group. Then again back to Singapore to participate in a floorball tournament, doing laundry and pack the bag for the next trip - Borneo.
After spending the first day in Kuta Kinabalou I met up with some friends to go diving at Sipadan and Mabul for three days. (I have to add that we are living on an oil rig platform). This far I've been doing three dives at Sipadan island, and we are heading for a few more today after lunch.
Hope you enjoy your time as much as I do.