03 juni 2007

Dirt Roads of Laos

I ended up going back to Vientiane to get a dirtbike to explore the northern part of Laos more independently. Once there I ran in to an English guy, Henry, with the same plans. So here we are, on two Hondas exploring the more remote parts of Laos.

Yesterday was our first day on the roads, going from Viantiane to Tha Thom (a small village without electricity way out in the bush) via Paksan.
We managed to get to our destination not to long after dawn, and without running out of gas, but I have to admit that the road there were in much worse condition than I had thought. After a day including falling off, passing rivers with meter high water and get stuck in the mud we had a good nights sleep before todays adventure going up to Phonsavan.

On the way to Phonsavan we stopped by to see some of the jars at the famous Plain of Jars, an area covered with hundred of jars from the stone age and probably thousands of unexploded ordnances from the U.S. two million tons bombardments.

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