25 januari 2007

Post Trip Party, Party and Life at NTU

Last week's been quite intense, attending two lectures (still not approved for the classes), swimming and parties.
Some of us who went to Cambodia together had a post trip party at Ruo's place, to share pictures and eating good food. She lives on the east coast of the island with a magnificient view over the city from the 30th floor.Two Scottish exchange students had their birthday party on the Saturday, which included going out to St James again
The Sunday was spent at playa de la Singapura - Sentosa Island together with some Swiss, French and Canadians, unfortunately I was the only one not understanding French.For the first time in my life I got to see cheerleading, which was named Hall Olympiad. Every hall had a team that competed against each other. When seeing the size of the girls I realized why this is not a big thing back in Europe, at least not if you are over 12.

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