20 februari 2007

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in Singapore, almost all families gathers together for some traditional celebrations with friends and families.
This means that for us foreigners there is not that much to do, it is actually quite hard finding anything to do. Almost every store shuts down, we even had problems finding places to go eat.
Of course we had to go downtown to see what kind of celebration they have down in the city, so me, Miguel, Izabella, Marlena, together with Mark and his flatmate, decided to go check it out.

For once we could walk around in an almost empty MRT station and walking the streets off the business quarters without running into people.
We went to see both Chinatown and the Esplanade.

A few days later Me and Timo were invited to Ruo's family to celebrate the New Year in a traditional way. This included of course giving parcels (containing money, even we got some), eating and drinking, just like our Christmas. But then came the big differences - gambling, which is a big part of the gathering. Of course we did it too. Spending hours learning new card games and loosing money at the same time.
This was a really appreciated night. Thanks Ruo!
(more pictures are found here)

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