18 maj 2007

Mui Ne

Today I got to Mui Ne, a small town famous for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Unfortunately there is no wind now, and the forecast let us know that it wont come for the next days. The beach here is really nice and it's not crowded at all. So let's hope for a sunny day tomorrow.
(edit: The pictures from around Mui Neh, was taken during the 19th)

2 kommentarer:

kloozo sa...

Hey angmoh!
haha how're things going there?
have you picked up any local vulgarities?

anyway, is cambodia a good place to visit? may have plans to go.

Johan sa...

Hey, no I haven't picked up any vulgarities (yet) but I got a handy phrase book :)
And yes, Cambodia is a nice place to visit, but not for to long time. Cambodia has a quite depressing recent history, but also the magnificient Angkor Wat and nice beaches in the south.