23 maj 2007

Nha Trang - Diving

Yesterday was a good day, my cold got better so I could finally go diving. Diving around the islands outside of Nha Trang was a pleasant experience, the corals were quite nice and an abundance of smaller fishes.
Today I've spent the day at the beach waiting to take off for Hoi An, a ten hours bus ride up north during the night. I plan to spend a day or two there before I head for Hue then into Laos.

2 kommentarer:

poyi sa...

Hey, I've been reading your blog for some time now. I really wanted to say that you take beautiful pictures and I am jealous of you, for you spending so much time traveling around and making friends along! I am planning to study in Singapore too..probably some time next year though : ) I am from Hong Kong by the way : ) keep updating!!

Johan sa...

Glad to hear you like my photos. I try to update whenever I got a chance.
Studying abroad is a great opportunity and Singpore is a really nice place to be.