16 maj 2007

Vietnam - Saigon

After spending some really nice relaxing days in Singapore meeting up with all friends and tried to pick up windsurfing again it was finally time to get on, to Vietnam.

I arrived yesterday (15th) to Ho Chi Minh City, where I'm writing this right now.
The Vietnam rip off started off before arriving here, when Jetstar refused to check me in because I didn't have a return ticket, and thereby forced me to go buy one. This means that I have to come back to Saigon when going back to Singapore instead of taking off from Hanoi, but since my plans are quite flexible this should not be that much of a problem. Fortunately I arrived an hour in advance so I just made it before the gate closed.
I'm now staying in a fairly cheap mini hotel at Pham Ngu Lao, the backpacker place in Saigon, which is like a mini Th Khao San Road. Today I've been walking around the city center and been to the war remnant museum. I've also been to various markets: Ben Tanh Market, the Hong Kong Market and the Chinese Market. I took a cyclo tour to the Cholon area outside the city center, China town and to a lot of temples.
Once I find a computer that works better I'll try to upload some photos.

Finally I have to let you know that everything is great, and to spend five weeks in this country shouldn't be any problem at all.

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